Symposium Announcement: Lessons from Chevron

I promise, this is the last Lago Agrio post for the day (for a few days, I hope! We’ll be returning to regular cases of the day tomorrow). The Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation is hosting a symposium tomorrow called “Lessons from Chevron.” The program looks fascinating: it seems that Steven Donziger and Ted Boutrous will be in the same room, though maybe not at the same time, and Judith Kimerling (the lawyer for the Huaorani) and Graham Erion (the lawyer who has accused Chevron of making misleading securities filings) are also speaking. The program also features some very knowledgeable academics, including Chris Whytock, Manuel Gómez, and S.I. Strong, and Michael Goldhaber, whose article was featured in Doug Cassel’s post earlier today. I urge anyone in the area to attend, and I hope some in attendance will let me know about how it goes.

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