Lago Agrio Liveblog Announcement

Readers, we’re really lucky that two editors of the Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation, Nick Landsman-Roos and Matt Woleske, have seized the day and agreed to liveblog tomorrow’s symposium on the Lago Agrio case. As you can see from the program, we will be hearing from some of the key players in the case—Ted Boutrous, Graham Erion, and Judith Kimmerling in particular. It seems Steven Donziger was on an earlier version of the program, but it doesn’t seem he’ll be there tomorrow. I suppose this is not a surprise given the events of recent days. The afternoon will feature panels on third-party financing of transnational litigation, legal ethics, forum non conveniens and judgment enforcement, and international discovery.

The program begins Friday at 9:05 am Pacific Time (UTC -8), so please check back then. If you have questions that you want to ask our intrepid livebloggers, please leave them as commenets to the liveblog post, or you can tweet them to me.

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