Wanted: Letters Blogatory Data Coding Helpers

Uncle Sam
Letters Blogatory Wants You To Help Code Data
I am working on a project that will, I think, make Letters Blogatory much more useful to practicing lawyers. It will allow readers to find all cases of the day from a particular court, or all cases of the day on a particular statutory or treaty provision, with a minimum of fuss. When it is ready, I think you will find it cool, in a law-geeky kind of way. The difficulty is time. Believe it or not, Letters Blogatory has 683 posts and counting. So it will be very difficult for me to find the time to keep up with my writing, do the coding, and incidentally practice law full time.

Therefore, I am looking for a few good men and women to help out with the coding. The job will be pretty easy: I will ask you to read posts and tag them appropriately. You will earn a big online thank you, a free copy of my book, International Judicial Assistance, and a chance to look behind the curtain at how a blog really works.

If you are interested, please let me know! I could really use the help, so thank you in advance for considering this.

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