Panel One: Vulnerability to Suit Amid Changing Doctrines

Welcome to the Letters Blogatory liveblog of the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Journal of International Law’s symposium, Mass Torts Litigation in a Shrinking World! Just to let you know how this will work, I will be posting one post for each panel, and if you click on the title of the post, you will be able to see my live blog of that panel’s discussion. Please do not refresh your screen; you shouldn’t need to to see the live blog. Or so I allege. If there are technical problems, we will try to fix them as we go.

Let’s get started! The speakers on the first panel are: Lonny Hoffman of the University of Houston, Allan Stein of Rutgers, and James Brogan of DLA Piper, and the discussion will be moderated by Ryan Williams of the University of Pennsylvania.

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