The Belfast Project Case on EJIL: Talk!

For the most part the Belfast Project case has gotten little attention in the international law blogosphere (aside from here at Letters Blogatory, of course). Now Joanna Harrington has published an interesting look at the case at EJIL that is well worth a read for its very clear summary of some of the main issues. Harrington, like other commentators who have taken a look at the case, ended up incurring the wrath of Ed Moloney, and so I welcome her to a club of which I and Niall O’Dowd are charter members.

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  1. anon

    Mr Justice Treacy said: “In light of the unequivocal response from the PSNI, supported by the threat assessment from the security authorities, I conclude that the applicant has failed to make out an arguable case that disclosure of the Boston College tapes would, as he claimed, materially increase the risk to his life or that of his family.”


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