Month: October 2012

  • Breaking: Lago Agrio Plaintiffs to Seek Recognition and Enforcement in Argentina

    Reuters is reporting that the Lago Agrio plaintiffs plan to seek recognition and enforcement of their Ecuadoran judgment in an Argentine court. No details as yet—stay tuned! This new action, if it is filed, raises the possibility of Letters Blogatory worlds colliding: I have been covering the Argentina sovereign debt cases as well as the […]

  • Get Your Britten On

    In the next year you will be hearing a lot about Benjamin Britten, one of the great English composers, whose centenary will be celebrated in 2013. The Metropolitan Chorale of Brookline, the community choir I sing with, will be performing Britten’s cantata, Saint Nicolas, on Saturday, Nov. 17, at 8 pm at All Saints Parish, […]

  • Case of the Day: Seijas v. Republic of Argentina

    We stick with the Argentina debt debacle for today’s case of the day, Seijas v. Republic of Argentina (2d Cir. 2012), the Second Circuit’s second decision on the subject in a matter of days. In Seijas, the district court had granted summary judgment for Argentina on the creditors’ claim for a declaration that Banco de […]

  • Live Blog Announcement: Mass Torts In A Shrinking World

    As I mentioned about a week ago, I will be participating in a

  • Case of the Day: NML Capital v. Argentina

    The case of the day is NML Capital v. Argentina (2d Cir. 2012). I did not cover the entertaining story of the arrest of the ARA Liberdad in Ghana for payment of Argentina’s sovereign debt, so to make up for it I am going to cover the Second Circuit’s most recent contribution to the saga. […]