Letters Blogatory Turns One!

ConfettiToday is Letters Blogatory’s first birthday. In honor of the occasion, I’m taking the day off!

The goal of Letters Blogatory is to give lawyers and others a resource for keeping up with developments in the law of international judicial assistance, and to give me an opportunity to write regularly and maybe even to help shape some of the current debates in the law of judicial assistance. I will continue to try to meet these goals—if there is something you think I could be doing better, I hope you will let me know!

I would like to say a few words of thanks. First, to my family, for their understanding when I hunker down to churn out a week’s worth of posts on Sunday. Second, to my friends and colleagues at Murphy & King for their support. And third, to my readers, especially to those of you who have taken the time to submit comments on the blog or to reach out to me in other ways. Thanks for reading!

Photo credit: A Dose of Ship Boy (license)

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