New Feature at Letters Blogatory!

As promised, I am rolling out a new feature at Letters Blogatory—a menu that gives you ready access to all Letters Blogatory posts on one of the issues that we are following most closely. For starters, I’ve included the following:

  • The Chevron/Lago Agrio case
  • The Argentine bond cases
  • The Boston College subpoena case

This list will likely expand to include a handful of issues on which I’ve editorialized. I am considering the following:

  • Posts opining that private arbitral tribunals should not be deemed “tribunals” for purposes of 28 U.S.C. § 1782
  • Posts opining that parties shouldn’t seek the court’s approval of questionable service of process ex post facto

I also expect this new menu will change over time as new issues arise and old issues fade away. And I expect that the look and feel of it will change in the short term, as I am sure that my first crack at this isn’t quite right.

I hope you find the new feature useful! Thanks as always for reading Letters Blogatory!

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