Farewell to the Digests

Today I bid a fond farewell to the Letters Blogatory digest pages. These pages were my first attempts to provide an index to my coverage of the case law. However, they proved more time-consuming to keep up to date than I anticipated, and they are now seriously out of date. I am not deleting the pages, and folks who would like to visit them will still be able to find them at https://lettersblogatory.com/topical-digest/ and https://lettersblogatory.com/digest-by-jurisdiction-2/. However, they will no longer appear in the navigation bar at the top of your screen and will no longer be kept up to date.

I make fairly consistent use of tags and categories, so I encourage readers with an interest in cases involving a particular country, or a particular Convention, to use the tags and categories tools on the right-hand side of the page to find what they are looking for. There’s also a search box on the right-hand column, where you can search for any keyword you like, and Letters Blogatory is well-indexed in Google and perhaps on other search engines.

I am also in the process of creating an “issues we’re following” page, which will appear in the navigation bar, and which will provide easy access to some of the cases and issues to which Letters Blogatory has returned repeatedly, for instance, the Lago Agrio case, the Boston College subpoena case, the Argentine bondholder cases, and issues such as the status of private international arbitral tribunals as “tribunals” for purposes of the judicial assistance statute.

You may or may not have noticed several changes at Letters Blogatory in recent weeks. Some of these changes are purely behind-the-scenes, meant primarily to decrease the time it takes your browser to display Letters Blogatory posts, to fix broken links, and so forth. Others are minor tweaks to the look of the blog, and one major tweak—the use of images in some posts. On the technical side, I am working now on what the computer people call “validation”, which has to with making sure that the markup and stylesheets that make Letters Blogatory look and work as it does are compliant with the latest standards, so that it will work properly now and in the future on modern web browsers. I also have a goal of making Letters Blogatory compliant with the WWW Consortium’s standards for accessibility for the disabled. If there is a Samaritan out there who has the time and ability to help with these projects, let me know!

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