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  • Case of the Day: Basfar v. Wong

    The case of the day is Basfar v. Wong, [2022] UKSC 20. The case is in a genre that is all too common and that I’ve written about before: a foreign diplomat or consul is accused of violating wage and hour laws or other employment laws by a domestic worker, and then he or she […]

  • Case of the Day: Broidy Capital Management v. Benomar

    Today’s case of the day, Broidy Capital Management LLC v. Benomar (2d Cir. 2019), is at the intersection of cloak-and-dagger intrigue, international law, and the Trump era. Elliott Broidy was the deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee. He alleged that the State of Qatar and its agents had hacked his computers, stolen trade […]

  • Case of the Day: Reyes v. Al-Malki

    The case of the day is Reyes v. Al-Malki, [2017] UKSC 61. The case is in the “diplomat allegedly abuses a domestic servant and then claims immunity from suit” genre. The infamous Gurung v. Malhotra is in that genre, as is the Khobragade case from 2013. The cases I’ve seen don’t seem to get much […]

  • Case of the Day: Harrison v. Sudan

    The case of the day is Harrison v. Sudan (2d Cir. 2016). I wrote about the case about a year ago. Today’s decision is on a petition for rehearing brought by Sudan, joined by the United States as amicus curiae. Here was my statement of the facts from the prior post:

  • Case of the Day: Hilt Construction v. Permanent Mission of Chad

    The case of the day is Hilt Construction & Management Corp. v. Permanent Mission of Chad to the United Nations (S.D.N.Y. 2016). The claim was that Hilt had a contract with Chad’s mission to the United Nations and its ambassador, Cherif Mahamat, for the renovation of the ambassador’s official residence in New Rochelle. Hilt claimed […]