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  • Case of the Day: Navarro v. Tufesa USA

    The case of the day is Navarro v. Tufesa USA LLC (D. Utah 2019). Plasida Navarro, a Mexican national residing in Utah (it brought an action in the Utah state courts aganst Tufesa, an LLC with its principal place of business in Arizona and a “John Doe” defendant, whose citizenship was unknown. Tufesa filed a […]

  • Case of the Day: Moore v. Toyota

    The case of the day is Moore v. Toyota Motor Corp. (E.D. La. 2017). It’s a simple case, but judge Sarah Vance gets everything right. The plaintiff, Robert Moore, alleged that his Toyota Corolla had a defective airbag, and that he was injured by the airbag when he was involved in an accident in 2016. […]