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Case of the Day: CE Design v. HealthCraft Products

The case of the day is CE Design Ltd. v. HealthCraft Products, Inc. (Ill. App. Ct. 2017). CE Design, a now-defunct Illinois business, brought a class action in Chicago against HealthCraft, an Ontario business, alleging that HealthCraft had sent it and other class members unsolicited faxes. HealthCraft tendered the defense of the case to its liability insurer, ING, a Canadian insurer. ING reserved its rights while it investigated the claim. In the meanwhile, HealthCraft hired its own counsel and agreed to a settlement with CE Design for $543,000 and assignment to CE Design of all of HealthCraft’s claims against ING. The Illinois court approved the settlement without prior notice to ING and entered a consent judgment.
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Case of the Day: Ledroit Law v. Kim

The case of the day is Ledroit Law v. Kim (Colo. Ct. App. 2015). Snell & Wilmer, an Arizona law firm with offices in Colorado, represented two Ontario companies in a civil case in the District of Colorado. At the same time, Ledroit Law, an Ontario law firm, represented one of the Canadian companies in related proceedings in Canada. Eugene Kim was a first-year associate at Snell & Wilmer at the time.

According to Snell & Wilmer and Kim, their clients instructed Snell & Wilmer to have Ledroit serve subpoenas in Ontario relating to their case in Colorado. But Ledroit sent Snell & Wilmer a bill for $15,000, claiming that Snell & Wilmer had retained Ledroit to provide legal services. Nonsense, said Snell & Wilmer—the two firms’ mutual client had instructed S&W to pass the task of serving the subpoenas on to Ledroit, so the client was liable for the bill.

Ledroit filed an action in the Ontario Superior Court against Snell & Wilmer and Kim. They served process by mail. The Ontario court “issued an assessment” against Snell & Wilmer and Kim in the amount of $15,829.99. Ledroit brought an action in Colorado for recognition and enforcement under the UEFJA.
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Lago Agrio: Ontario Case Stayed Pending Appeal To The Supreme Court of Canada

In a somewhat surprising development, Justice MacPherson, who wrote the Ontario Court of Appeals’s decision in Yaiguaje v. Chevron, has stayed that decision pending the outcome of Chevron’s application to the Supreme Court of Canada. The decision was surprising—to me, at least, though I welcome the view of Canadian lawyers—because of the tenuousness of Chevron’s claim of irreparable harm: Chevron pointed to the risk that if it won, it might be unable to recover the costs of the proceedings form the Lago Agrio plaintiffs. These costs are, of course, minuscule compared to what is at stake in the case, but Justice MacPherson felt it was enough to justify a stay.

Here is a copy of the papers Chevron filed with the Supreme Court, and here are the papers that Chevron’s Canadian subsidiary filed.