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  • Case of the Day: Fleites v. Mindgeek

    The case of the day is Fleites v. Mindgeek SARL (C.D. Cal. 2022). The plaintiff, a victim of child sex abuse, accused the defendants of soliciting and monetizing her “child sexual abuse material.” The decision isn’t clear on this, but I assume this means that the defendants somehow sold images or videos of the abuse. […]

  • Case of the Day: Furstenberg Finance v. Litai Assets

    The case of the day is Furstenberg Finance SAS v. Litai Assets LLC (11th Cir. 2017). Furstenberg brought an application under § 1782 for leave to serve a subpoena on Litai for use in prospective proceedings in Luxembourg against Dr. Jean-Michael Paul. The judge granted the application, and Furstenberg issued the subpoena. Litai then moved […]

  • Case of the Day: Lombard-Knight v. Rainstorm Pictures

    The case of the day is Lombard-Knight v. Rainstorm Pictures, Inc. (Cal. Ct. App. 2015). Rainstorm was a California movie production company. It entered into two investment agreements with Fortnom & Co. SA, under which Fortnom was required to provide $300 million upon Rainstorm’s delivery to it of performance bonds. It turned out, according to […]

  • Case of the Day: CTI Systems v. Herr Industrial

    The case of the day is CTI Systems, SA v. Herr Industrial, Inc. (E.D. Pa. 2015). CTI, a Luxembourg company, contracted with Herr, a Pennsylvania corporation, for supplies and labor in connection with a “painting installation” in Kansas. The contract amount was $5.2 million, and the contract had Luxembourg choice of law and choice of […]

  • Case of the Day: Via Vadis Controlling GmbH v. Skype, Inc.

    The case of the day is Via Vadis Controlling GmbH v. Skype, Inc. (D. Del. 2013). Via Vadis is the exclusive licensee of a European patent, and it sued Skye Software S.A.R.L. for infringement in Germany. Via Vadis also applied to a Luxembourg court for an Ordonnance permitting court-appointed experts to search Skype Software’s offices […]