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  • Ecuador’s Judgment In The Lago Agrio Case

    Our coverage of the Lago Agrio case till now has focused on Chevron’s efforts to gather evidence in the United States for use in the three proceedings in Ecuador—the Lago Agrio lawsuit itself; the BIT arbitration; and the criminal case. But a significant development in the case yesterday changes our focus from judicial assistance in […]

  • Case of the Day: In re Chevron Corp.

    Our case of the day, In re Chevron Corp. (3d Cir. 2011), is the Third Circuit’s contribution to the dozens of Lago Agrio-related judicial assistance proceedings around the country. I won’t rehash the background to the Lago Agrio case again, except to say that the Third Circuit evidentally shares my sense of the irony involved […]

  • From the Blogatory Lago Agrio Desk

    The Chevron Lago Agrio case has spawned a wave of judicial assistance applications here in the United States (some of which we’ve covered here and here). So while the latest development is not strictly relevant to Letters Blogatory’s usual scope of coverage, I thought readers would appreciate a link to Chevron’s massive complaint against the […]

  • Case of the Day: In re Application of Chevron Corp.

    From the Blogatory Lago Agrio desk, and from my home base here in Massachusetts, comes today’s case of the day, In re Application of Chevron Corp., Civ. A. No. 10-MC-30022 (D. Mass. 2010). We reviewed the background of the epic Ecuadoran environmental litigation in the January 14 post on Chevron Corp. v. Berlinger. Bonifaz, once […]

  • Case of the Day:Chevron Corp. v. Berlinger

    It’s a big day at Letters Blogatory—our first appellate Case of the Day! The case is Chevron Corp. v. Berlinger. It arose out of the epic Lago Agrio litigation. You may remember the case as an example of why you should be careful what you wish for: Ecuadorian plaintiffs had filed a class action alleging […]