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  • The ICC Prosecutor’s Request for Warrants

    Okay, I suppose I ought to comment on the decision of the ICC’s prosecutor, Karim Khan, to seek arrest warrants for the leaders of Hamas as well as for Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and defense minister Gallant. I begin as always with my disclaimer: I am not an expert in the relevant law! First, it’s……

  • Lago Agrio: ICC Prosecutor Rejects LAPs’ Complaint

    In October 2014 I noted a complaint the LAPs submitted to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court asking her to begin an investigation with an eye toward bringing charges against Chevron. As I noted at the time, “It would be very surprising to me if the LAPs’ claims have merit.”

  • Case of the Day: International Trading & Industrial Investment Co. v. Dyncorp Aerospace Technology

    The case of the day, International Trading & Indus. Inv. Co. v. DynCorp Aerospace Tech., No. 09-791 (D.D.C. Jan. 21, 2011), is Judge Walton’s second opinion on confirmation of an international arbitral award in a week.  Way to go, Judge Walton! DynCorp was a logistics and security contractor for the U.S. military in Qatar. International……