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  • Lago Agrio: Gibraltar and Other Updates

    A few updates from the Lago Agrio case: The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has entered a default judgment against Pablo Fajardo, the Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia, and others, for approximately $38 million in damages. It also enjoins them from doing anything “in or from Gibraltar for the purpose of assisting or supporting” the……

  • Lago Agrio: Chevron Wins Default Judgment Against Amazonia

    In my post on Chevron’s settlements of its Gibraltar lawsuit against James Russell DeLeon and Torvia Ltd., I noted that Chevron still had a pending claim against Amazonia Recovery, Ltd. and its directors, including Pablo Fajardo. Amazonia, recall, was the entity designed to receive and then to distribute the proceeds of the Lago Agrio judgment.

  • Lago Agrio: DeLeon Surrenders; Chevron Claims Another Scalp

    Chevron has settled its claims against James Russell DeLeon and his firm, Torvia Ltd., which funded the Lago Agrio plaintiffs’ litigation. Roger Parloff published a copy of the Settlement Agreement in a Fortune article.

  • Case of the Day: Chevron v. Snaider

    The case of the day is Chevron Corp. v. Snaider (D. Colo. 2015). I haven’t written about a Lago Agrio-related case in a while. It’s good to be back! Chevron, after applying under § 1782, obtained leave to serve a subpoena on Andres Snaider. Snaider, an Ecuadoran national living in Connecticut, was the founder of……

  • Lago Agrio: Update

    I have a few developments to report in the Lago Agrio case, most of which you probably have already seen in the news. First, both the Lago Agrio plaintiffs and Donziger have appealed to the Second Circuit. Donziger, by the way, has just published a roadmap to the appellate issues we are likely to see……