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  • Case of the Day: United States v. Trabelsi

    The case of the day is United States v. Trabelsi (D.C. Cir. 2017). Days after the 9/11 attack, Nizar Trabelsi, a Tunesian national and former professional footballer, was arrested in Belgium. The policy searched his apartment and found an Uzi submachine gun and a list of chemicals used to make explosives. He was charged with […]

  • Update on the Alexander Hilton Extradition Case

    I’ve written several posts on the extradition case of Alexander Hilton here in Boston. Here’s my summary from the first post: Hilton, then a student at St. Andrews University, was accused by the Scottish authorities of the attempted murder of Robert Forbes, a fellow student, in March 2011. The claim was that Hilton induced Forbes […]

  • Case of the Day: Hilton v. Kerry

    The case of the day is Hilton v. Kerry (1st Cir. 2014). This is the extradition case I’ve been following. Here are a couple of my prior posts: Initial post Habeas corpus denied

  • Hilton Extradition: Petition for Habeas Corpus Denied

    Judge Hillman has denied Alexander Hilton’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus, in which Hilton had challenged a magistrate judge’s decision that he could be extradited to the United Kingdom to face trial on charges of the attempted murder of Robert Forbes, a fellow student at St. Andrews University. I covered the petition here […]

  • Hilton Extradition: The Government Responds

    The government has replied to the Hilton habeas corpus petition that I discussed last month. This, recall, is the case of Alexander Hilton, accused of attempted murder in Scotland. In the initial proceedings for certification of extraditability, Hilton made two unsuccessful arguments: first, he cannot be extradited to Scotland because under Scots law he could […]