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  • Lago Agrio Court: STJ Rejects Ecuadoran Judgment

    Lago Agrio Court: STJ Rejects Ecuadoran Judgment

    The Chevronologists among you know that the Lago Agrio plaintiffs have tried to obtain recognition of their Ecuadoran judgment in three jurisdictions: Argentina, Brazil, and Canada. The attempt in Argentina failed last month. The proceedings in Canada were rejected by the first instance court in January 2017 but are still on appeal. The LAPs, perhaps […]

  • Lago Agrio: Argentine Court Refuses to Enforce Ecuadoran Judgment

    A first-instance court in Argentina has decided to refuse enforcement of the Ecuadoran judgment against Chevron. The decision is not, as far as I know, yet available in English. Chevron has, though, published a translation of a key phrase: Chevron has no assets in Argentina and is not domiciled there, which “seals the fate of […]

  • Lago Agrio: Ontario Court of Appeal Vacates Order on Costs

    Yesterday the Ontario Court of Appeal vacated an earlier order of a single justice requiring the Lago Agrio plaintiffs to give security for the costs of the appeal. This will allow the LAPs to proceed with their appeal without paying nearly $1 million to cover their costs in case they lose—and without having to disclose […]

  • Lago Agrio: Brazilian Reporting Judge Denies Recognition of Ecuadoran Judgment

    Lago Agrio: Brazilian Reporting Judge Denies Recognition of Ecuadoran Judgment

    Details are spotty, but I can report that Justice Luis Felipe Salomão of Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice, has issued an oral opinion refusing to recognize the Lago Agrio plaintiffs’ Ecuadoran judgment. The only information I have about the opinion so far comes from Chevron. Apparently Judge Salomão noted a lack of jurisdiction and also […]

  • Lago Agrio: Update on the New Dutch Decision

    I reported yesterday on Ecuador’s appeal from a Dutch decision refusing to annul the interim awards in the investment treaty arbitration between Chevron and Ecuador. I didn’t have the translation of the decision available in time for the post, but I’ve just received it.