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Case of the Day: Publicidad Vepaco v. Mezerhane

Posted on January 28, 2015

The case of the day is Publicidad Vepaco, C.A. v. Mezerhane (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2015). Publicidad Vepaco and LaTele Television, C.A., two Venezuelan corporations, sued Nelson Mezerhane, the owner of Banco Federal, C.A. (a Venezuelan bank), and Rogelio Trujillo, the bank’s CEO, claiming that the two had carried out a scheme to defraud them of $72 million in US treasury bills through the bank. According to the complaint, the stolen T-bills passed through entities located in Curaçao. Mezerhane and Trujillo both live in Florida. Both face criminal charges in Venezuela on account of the alleged scheme, and the Venezuelan government has taken over the bank.

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