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Case of the Day: Liberty Media Holdings v. Sheng Gan

Posted on January 30, 2012

The internet “adult entertainment” industry makes yet another contribution to the law of international judicial assistance in today’s case of the day, Liberty Media Holdings v. Sheng Gan (D. Colo. 2012). According to the amended complaint, Sheng Gan, a Chinese national residing in Costa Rica, operates a website known as SiteRipKing.com. “Site ripping” is the practice of copying an entire website and then making it available on the internet. Liberty Media, a California LLC doing business in Las Vegas, “produces, markets, and distributes adult-oriented audiovisual works.” It makes “G-Rated” photographs available for free viewing, but its “more explicit erotic works” are available only to paying subscribers. Liberty alleged copyright and trademark infringement and demanded damages and an injunction. Liberty made an ex parte motion…

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