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  • Ecuador Withdraws Asylum, Assange Arrested

    Officers of the Metropolitan Police were invited into the Ecuadoran embassy in London yesterday to arrest Julian Assange. I haven’t written much about Mr. Assange here, though I’ve made it clear for a long time that I have little sympathy for him. In some way Assange is like Trump. They both are epic narcissists and […]

  • More on the DNC Lawsuit: Serving Assange

    On Friday I wrote about the FSIA issues raised by the DNC’s lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign, et al. There is is one more Letters Blogatory angle to the new suit. One of the defendants is Julian Assange, whom I’ve written about before. My feelings on Mr. Assange are of the same kind as […]

  • Editorial: Russia and Wikileaks

    Countries spy on each other, as they should. It’s important to understand the politics of allies and adversaries, and the intentions of leading political figures. So while I don’t like the fact that, according to reports of the assessment of the US intelligence community, the Russian government is behind the hack of the Democratic National […]

  • The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and the Julian Assange Case

    A few years ago, I commented on Julian Assange’s bid to win “diplomatic asylum” from Ecuador. As my post indicated, I’m not really sympathetic to Mr. Assange’s legal plight, and my view on that hasn’t changed since 2012. The case was recently in the news again as the UN’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention released […]

  • A Brief Comment on the Julian Assange Diplomatic Asylum Request

    The commentary on Julian Assange’s legal situation now that he has sought asylum at the Ecuadoran embassy in London has begun to roll in from the public international law blogs. I am basically unsympathetic to Mr. Assange, but in light of Letters Blogatory’s coverage of the Ecuadoran legal system in the context of the Lago […]