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Belfast Project: Chris Bray On The The Ivor Bell Case

Posted on June 5, 2015

Chris Bray, friend of Letters Blogatory and critic of the US and UK governments in the Belfast Project case, is back with an update on the British authorities’ decision to proceed with the prosecution of Ivor Bell. After more than a year of bumbling indecision, the Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland has taken a bold stand: They are beginning to prepare to think about discussing a way to begin. Franz Kafka, call your office. Fourteen months ago, using questionable evidence obtained from the archives at Boston College with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Justice, prosecutors in Northern Ireland filed charges against Ivor Bell, who is now 77 years old. Bell is reputed to have been chief of staff to Gerry Adams during the period…

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Belfast Project: Boston Prosecutors as Irish Politicians

Posted on May 6, 2013

Today I bring you an editorial by Chris Bray, a longtime observer of the Belfast Project case. Chris believes the UK authorities don’t intend to prosecute anyone in the McConville case, and thus he regards the entire affair as a farce of sorts. I read his piece as a criticism of the US Attorney General and the UK authorities, not of the US courts, which I think is right. I would be less inclined than Chris to criticize the US authorities, because on its face the UK’s request seems to relate to the investigation of a murder. If despite appearances the UK sought the materials for some reason not contemplated by the MLAT, then it seems to me the fault lies with the UK…

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