Month: May 2022

  • Case of the Day: IJK Palm v. Anholt Services USA

    Case of the Day: IJK Palm v. Anholt Services USA

    The case of the day is IJK Palm LLC v. Anholt Services USA, Inc. (2d Cir. 2022). IJK was an investor in Palm Investment Partners, which was a minority shareholder of United Oils Limited, SEZC. United Oils, a Cayman entity, ran palm oil plantations in Peru. It fell on hard times, and its board approved […]

  • Case of the Day: Topstone Communications v. Chenyi Xu

    The case of the day is Topstone Communications, Inc. v. Chenyi Xu (S.D. Tex. 2022). I love this case. It shows that the tide is turning. As longtime readers know, ever since Gurung v. Malhotra, courts have approved service by email on defendants in cases within the scope of the HCCH Service Convention, even when […]

  • Article of the Day: Bill Dodge on Substituted Service

    Bill Dodge has a new post at Transnational Litigation Blog on Substituted Service and the Hague Service Convention, which brings to our attention a new revision of his forthcoming paper in the William & Mary Law Review. This is the kind of post and paper that speaks to me as a practitioner, because it combines […]

  • The Never-Ending Story: Donziger Seeks To Avoid Disbarment In DC

    A new front has opened in Steven Donziger’s battle to remain a lawyer. As you’ll recall, Donziger was disbarred in New York after the New York courts decided that the findings of fact the federal court made against him in the Chevron RICO case had to be given preclusive effect. Donziger’s effort to have that […]

  • Article of the Day: Eric Sherby, “Is an Arbitrator a ‘Tribunal’ Under Section 1782? The FAA Red Herring”

    I’m happy to welcome friend of Letters Blogatory Eric Sherby, a well-known Israeli lawyer specializing in international litigation and arbitration, who argues in today’s post that it’s a mistake to worry about the possibility that parties to foreign arbitrations might have more rights to take US discovery than parties to domestic arbitrations if the Supreme […]