Some personal news for you, readers. I resigned from my last firm in early March. I stuck around for a few weeks to handle a jury trial that, of course, ended up not happening. My reasons for leaving were very good but also not for airing here. Back at the beginning of March, the plan was to find a new firm home quickly, but the world has changed a lot since then! I’ve spent the past few weeks getting my cases transitioned, my domain name purchased, my IOLTA account opened, and my home office up and running. As of today, Folkman LLC is open for business. I continue to talk with firms about finding a new home, but for now I am representing my clients under my own name.

What would I like you to know about Folkman LLC? Three things really.

First: I am open for business doing the kind of work I write about here on Letters Blogatory. I’m referring to Section 1782 cases, recognition and enforcement cases, FSIA cases, and others. Some of this work is ongoing, and I hope that more will follow.

Second: I am open for business doing civil and commercial litigation. If you read Letters Blogatory regularly you might think that I spend 100% or even 110% of my time doing international judicial assistance and private international law, but really I split my time between IJA and cross-border work and the ordinary domestic litigation that rounds out my practice. What kinds of cases am I talking about? Contract and licensing disputes. Partnership and close corporation fights. Asset recovery. Real estate and leasing disputes.

Third: I have been making arrangements with lawyers in major American cities, including for example the leading § 1782 jurisdictions, which will allow me to have the same national reach I have had at my prior firms. I’ll be able to represent clients in courts here in Massachusetts and around the country. And of course I will rely on my network of colleagues around the world to help clients who need the help in other jurisdictions.

Who knows whether this will be a short-term stopping place or the work of a lifetime? Either way, I am proud to be doing it. I hope you will check out my new website, recommend me to your friends and colleagues, and consult with me when you need help!