Month: May 2015

  • Case of the Day: Micula v. Government of Romania

    The case of the day is Micula v. Government of Romania (D.D.C. 2015). Viorel Micula alleged that he had made investments in Romania in reliance on certain incentives offered by the Romanian government. He claimed that Romania later revoked the incentives, causing him to suffer a loss, and that Romania had acted in violation of […]

  • Lago Agrio: Post-Argument Briefs

    Steven Donziger and the LAPs have filed post-argument briefs with the Second Circuit.

  • Case of the Day: Alberta Securities Commission v. Ryckman

    The case of the day is Alberta Securities Commission v. Ryckman (Del. Super. Ct. 2015). In 1996, the Alberta Securities Commission, following a hearing, found that Lawrence G. Ryckman, the chairman and director of Westgroup, had violated Alberta securities laws by participating in a “complex scheme that created a false and misleading appearance of trading […]

  • Case of the Day: Larson v. Yoon

    The case of the day is Larson v. Yoon (Wash. Ct. App. 2015). Keith and Cynthia Larson sued Kyungsik Yoon after an auto collision in King County, Washington. The Larsons lived there; Yoon was a resident of South Korea. The Larsons sued and sought to serve Yoon with process by service on the Washington secretary […]

  • Lago Agrio: Update on the Brazilian Enforcement Proceeding

    I reported way back in 2012 that the Lago Agrio plaintiffs had sought recognition and enforcement of the Lago Agrio judgment in Brazil. There has been a development—maybe a minor one, though a Brazilian lawyer would know better than I.