Month: September 2011

  • Case of the Day: Scheck v. Republic of Argentina revisited

    In the case of the day from June 6, 2011, Scheck v. Republic of Argentina, the district court rejected a challenge by Argentina to service of process in an action to enforce a German judgment brought by unhappy investors in Argentina’s German bonds. Today’s case of the day brings the case to a conclusion (maybe). […]

  • Case of the Day: Grupo Radio Centro v. American Merchant Banking Group

    Yesterday’s case of the day, Hughes v. Ashton, was a pleasure to report: clear, and rightly decided to boot. No such luck with today’s case of the day, Grupo Radio Centro v. American Merchant Banking Group (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2011). The case involves difficulties in serving process in Mexico under the Hague Service Convention, […]

  • Case of the Day: Hughes v. Ashton

    The case of the day Hughes v. Ashton (Cal. Ct. App. 2011), a case on service of process in Chile, is clear and well-reasoned. Three cheers for Judge Reardon! Hughes and Ashton had a dispute over real property in California that they had jointly owned. Hughes wrote a letter concerning the dispute to Ashton at […]

  • Case of the Day: Kudu Co. v. Latimer

    The case of the day is Kudu Co. v. Latimer (E.D. Tex. 2011). Kudu sued for confirmation of a Thai arbitral award against Latimer. Latimer first moved to dismiss on the grounds that he had not been served with process. The dispute centered on whether Latimer actually resided at the Texas address where he was […]

  • Case of the Day: In re China Education Alliance Securities Litigation

    The case of the day, In re China Education Alliance, Inc. Securities Litigation (C.D. Cal. 2011), was a securities fraud class action. The plaintiffs were shareholders of China Education Alliance, Inc., and the defendants were the company and several of its officers and directors. The plaintiffs, “despite significant research,” were unable to locate five of […]