“You Hurt? We Fight!”

Law Offices of Ron Sholes

Long-time readers know that I like to collect examples of fabulous lawyer advertising when I travel. I’ve previously praised the Jodat Law Group, some ads I saw in Woonsocket, and some more dignified examples I saw on a recent trip to Bosnia, Montenegro, and Croatia.

Today, I have a great example from the epicenter of awesome lawyer ads, Florida. I tried to get some photos of the ad from the road, but I didn’t manage it. So I have pulled this terrific ad from the web. The lawyer, Ron Sholes, is selling pugnacity. His motto is “You hurt? We fight!” Catchy, but the best part of the ad is the image of the lawyer. He is rolling up his sleeve as though he has just seen the corporation that done you wrong, and he is going to administer a beating. He is so eager for the beating to begin that he he starts rolling up his sleeve without taking off his jacket first. Now that’s pugnaciousness!

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