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Readers, it is the time of year when I make my one and only pitch for your support: the ABA is again soliciting nominations for its annual listing of the 100 best legal blogs. Actually, this year the ABA is expanding its scope to include law firm websites and social media. I happen to think this is a mistake, as I think there is something special about the blog format that is worth celebrating and that is best kept distinct from firms’ business sites and from the world of Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. But anyway, it’s that time again, and so I ask you to click on the link and nominate Letters Blogatory if you enjoy what you read here.

What has Letters Blogatory done in the last year?

  • We had comprehensive coverage of Water Splash, Inc. v. Menon, the new Supreme Court decision that finally resolved the circuit split on service by mail under the Hague Service Convention.
  • We followed the Lago Agrio case to its bitter end in the United States, and kept you up-to-date on the progress of the case in Canada, too.
  • Along with the rest of America, we have been worried, baffled, angry, and embarrassed in turn by what’s going on in Washington.
  • And of course, we’ve kept up with the latest news and developments in the world of international judicial assistance with the usual fare of cases of the day.

So if you like what you read here, please take a minute to submit a nomination. Bonus: if I get the nod this year, it’s possible Letters Blogatory will be promoted to the so-called Hall of Fame (made up of blogs which have been recognized several times), which would be great news, since it would mean I wouldn’t have to pester you year in and year out. Thanks, and thanks for reading!

As a reward for making your way through this entire post, here are some photos of lawyer advertising for lawyers Tom Sparks and Wayne G. Resmini seen in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, which shows that the Ocean State is giving Florida a run for its money.

Lawyer billboard Lawyer billboard

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