Letters Blogatory’s Annual Appeal For Nominations

Readers, once each year—just once!—I come to you and humbly ask for your nominations for the ABA Blawg 100, a listing of what the ABA thinks are the 100 best legal blogs. I almost forgot this year—nominations are due on August 16! If you’ve gotten something useful from my continuing coverage of major cases such as the Chevron/Ecuador case, my reports on new decisions and developments in the world of private international law, the fabulous Spanish language spin-off blog, Cartas Blogatorias, or frolics and detours like my editorial in favor of the leap second or my annual April Fool’s post, please take a minute and nominate me.

Now, I know there are bloggers out there who would poo-pooh the whole idea of seeking the nomination. One of the crustiest of blogging curmudgeons, Scott Greenfield, comes to mind. Here’s what Scott wrote just a couple of days ago about the supposed death of the useful or practical legal blog:

And yet, the ones with something to sell persist. The practical blawgosphere is dead. The marketing blawgosphere remains. It’s apparently no more effective than it’s ever been, as tech start-ups burst onto the scene and disappear as soon as cash burn silences the silly hype, but their lovers remain, pushing an agenda of the new normal.

But the lawyers are gone. Except me, but then, I’m an old fool who refuses to realize that the party is over and everybody has gone home to sleep it off.

Let’s prove him wrong!

Thanks as always for reading, and thanks for your support!

3 responses to “Letters Blogatory’s Annual Appeal For Nominations”

  1. shg

    Hugs, Ted.

    1. You’ll notice I didn’t contradict your claim to be the last practical law blogger on your post. All self-aggrandizement should be done on one’s own blog.

      1. shg

        And it’s deeply appreciated.

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