Letters Blogatory’s New Home!

Readers, the day has finally arrived. I have finished the migration of Letters Blogatory, the web’s oldest blog (as far as I know!) devoted to international judicial assistance, to its new home in the Folkman LLC website. Here is the tl;dr:

  • The new homepage URL for the blog is https://lettersblogatory.com/lettersblogatory. Please start using it to navigate to the blog!
  • The URL for an old post is the same as the new URL, except that you have to substitute “folkman.law” for “lettersblogatory.com” So, for example, https://lettersblogatory.com/2021/05/07/lago-agrio-last-minute-developments-before-the-contempt-trial/ becomes https://lettersblogatory.com/2021/05/07/lago-agrio-last-minute-developments-before-the-contempt-trial/.
  • But if you are a creature of habit, you can keep using your old links, and you will be redirected to the right page.

There are a few odds and ends that I am still working on. In particular, a handful of newer posts need to be migrated to the new blog. I had promised not to post while this process was ongoing, but it took such a long time that I broke my own promise on a few occasions. I need to customize the cookie compliance functionality. Also, some posts have “web designer” as the author, which needs to be fixed. And I am still working on making sure that you can easily subscribe to Letters Blogatory or to my firm’s newsletters, or both.

I trust that the overall rationale for this change is easy to understand. I would like for my new business website to benefit from the mighty Google power of Letters Blogatory. But the blog is near and dear to my heart and perhaps to yours, and so I have tried to make sure not to do anything that will make longtime readers unhappy.

I welcome your comments and thoughts on the change! Please do not tell me, though, that I should change it back to the way it was! It was so much work to get to this point that I cannot imagine making a similar change in the near future!

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be returning to a more active posting schedule, so buckle up for what I hope will be many more years of coverage of international judicial assistance, private international law, and other things I want to write about. Thank you as always for reading!

2 responses to “Letters Blogatory’s New Home!”

  1. kotodama

    Congrats! I noticed the transition taking place the other day. At first the formatting appeared jumbled on my phone and I didn’t see a way to comment, but as of today at least, it seems like those issues are fixed. Ironically, I’m actually writing this comment on a PC, where the blog works great as well!

    1. Ted Folkman

      Thank you, Kotodama! So far everything seems to be working okay, although I have also noticed some issues with the mobile site. I spent many years “doing it myself,” and so this process has been like letting a child leave home.

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