LA Lawyer Ads

Every once in a while I publish some lawyer advertisements I’ve photographed while traveling. Usually they come from Florida, which is the epicenter. But I’ve found them all over the place. Today, I bring you a couple from Los Angeles that I particularly liked.

Bond & Taylor billboard

The first is from Bond & Taylor. It looks like a movie ad, with the lawyers bestriding the car wreck, which looks like the aftermath of some sort of battle on Game of Thrones. I think there may be some flame coming out of one of the cars, and you can see the fire engine on the way. The message seems to be, “not all heroes wear capes … call us.”

Jacoby & Meyers billboard

The second is from Jacoby & Meyers. Aimed at millennials, it does a great job of reducing the fundamental logic of personal injury law to a form anyone can understand using emojis. Car wreck plus sad, injured face plus phone call to lawyer equals smiley face! Much more casual and fun than the Bond & Taylor ad, which I can see either as a positive or a negative.

Congratulations to both of these firms for striking, eye-catching billboards!

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