Lago Agrio: A Friendly Note to The Chevron Pit

The Chevron Pit blog ran a post critical of Ricardo Reis Veiga. Fair enough. We’ve discussed Mr. Reis Veiga before, though not in any great detail.

The problem with the post is that the caption to the photograph of Mr. Reis Veiga notes the presence in the background of his bodyguard and specifically notes that the bodyguard was an Israeli. Does the bodyguard or his nationality have anything to do with the story? No. Why is it referenced? I have two guesses. Either it was a conscious attempt to appeal to the presumed anti-Israel bias of those who support the blog’s point of view, or an unconscious expression of the anti-Israel bias of the unnamed author.

In either case, in my role of self-appointed person in charge of keeping irrelevant Jewish themes out of the Lago Agrio online flame war, I express the hope that the Chevron Pit will remove mention of the bodyguard or at least his nationality from the photo’s caption.

I should add that the Chevron Pit is not the first violator here. Chevron compared the Correa government to the Nazis last year, and I took Chevron to task, too.

Here is the photo:


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