Symposium Day 2

Thank you to Cassandra Robertson, Chris Whytock, Ron Brand, Doug Cassel, and Aaron Page for their contributions to the first-ever Letters Blogatory symposium. Cassandra and Chris gave very clear statements of their proposals for closing the “access-to-justice gap”, and Ron provided a thoughtful critique. Doug and Aaron discussed the Whytock/Robertson article from the perspective of advocates for the two sides in the Chevron/Ecuador dispute. I chimed in with some thoughts of my own.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many of us organized our comments, at least in part, around the Chevron/Ecuador case. Events may have overtaken the symposium: yesterday the Lago Agrio plaintiffs brought their long-awaited action for recognition and enforcement of the $18 billion judgment—in Canada.

Today I am happy to be able to publish some follow-up posts from our participants. As I did yesterday, I’ll be publishing them over the course of the day. I encourage readers to participate in the comments.

If you look at the top of your screen, you’ll see a link for the symposium index. All of yesterday’s posts are indexed there, and by the end of today, all of today’s posts will be indexed as well.

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