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Tenth Anniversary Post: Melissa Kucinski on the Future of IJA—Family Law Edition

Posted on January 18, 2021

I am truly honored to write this guest blog post celebrating the anniversary of Letters Blogatory. Ted asked that I provide my thoughts on the future of international judicial assistance in the field of family law. I struggled writing this blog post, because nearly every family lawyer would immediately ask, “what is international judicial assistance?” Family law is one of the best examples of a purely domestic legal practice. Outcomes are achieved in local courts and focus heavily on the family’s local experiences. U.S. family court jurisdiction is typically based on a family member’s local connections. For most family lawyers, when a client from another country walks in our door, it is exciting and exotic… and way above our paygrade. Perhaps I am exaggerating.…

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Case of the Day: Gallegos v. Garcia Soto

Posted on May 6, 2020

Here is a post by first-time guest author and friend of Letters Blogatory Melissa Kucinski. Melissa practices family law at MK Family Law in Washington, and she focuses on cross-border cases. She has just started a blog on “family law across borders,” which I’ll be keeping an eye on. Melissa comments on a new Abduction Convention case in the Western District of Texas, in which the judge ordered the return of a child but stayed his order indefinitely in light of the pandemic. I don’t have a view on whether or not this is sensible, but I suspect we will be seeing many judges grapple with such questions, in this context and others. As I write this blog post, the U.S. east coast is…

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