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Serving Process on US Defendants in Greek Proceedings: A Case Law Survey

Posted on December 11, 2013

Contributor Apostolos Anthimos has a nuts-and-bolts post about Greek caselaw on the Hague Service Convention in US-related cases. In my previous post, I presented two recent decisions of Greek courts on the application of the 1965 Hague Service Convention in Greece. Following that post and the release of my recent book on service of process abroad, I will now focus on reported case law regarding service of process on defendants in the United States in Greek proceedings. Case Where Greek Courts Have Refused To Render Default Judgments Greek courts have refused to render a default judgment under the following circumstances: When the claimant produces to the court only the certificate of service showing service on the competent (Greek) Public Prosecutor’s office. (Supreme Court 250/1993,…

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On the Application of the Hague Service Convention in Greece

Posted on March 8, 2013

Today Letters Blogatory welcomes the first contribution from new IJA Brigade member Apostolos Anthimos, a Thessaloniki lawyer and a member of the LLM visiting faculty at the International Hellenic University. Welcome, Apostolos! His maiden post covers two recent Greek cases on the Hague Service Convention. The Hague Service Convention was ratified by the Hellenic Republic almost 30 years ago. Although the respective act was published back in 1983, its actual implementation began only 6 years later, i.e., sometime in 1989. The Convention is a well-known instrument in disputes with foreign elements; a recent search on Greece’s most reliable legal database has returned 185 hits. My report will focus on two judgments from 2012, dealing with service of process in the USA. I. In the…

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