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Response to Noel Doran

Posted on October 21, 2013

Belfast Project protagonist Anthony McIntyre responds to Noel Doran’s post criticizing McIntyre’s blog, The Pensive Quill. Just a note on this piece: folks who have been following the discussion will know that one of the issues that has cropped up is the supposed difference in ‘tone’ between this blog and TPQ. I think there is a difference, and I will enforce my comment policy on this post as on all others, but I have not edited the substance or style of Anthony’s post or asked him to edit it, because I think his, ah, pugnacious style is part of the story. It was pleasing, if hardly intellectually stimulating, to find Noel Doran at last do something other than use the threat of legal coercion…

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Response to Danny Morrison

Posted on October 5, 2012

Anthony McIntyre was the lead interviewer for the Belfast Project. In a copy and paste of what earlier this week he had posted on his own comments-not-allowed blog. Danny Morrison reiterated his demand on Letters Blogatory that ‘Ed Moloney has some explaining to do.’ How frustrating it must be for Morrison that Moloney is not tied to a chair and therefore can happily ignore his demand for an explanation. I am not tied to a chair either but I am used to all manner of exchanges with him over the decades, ranging from the friendly to the frosty, so responding to his queries doesn’t tax me one way or the other. Had he demanded me to answer I too, like Moloney, would happily have…

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