Month: December 2020

  • A Hard Brexit for Civil International Judicial Assistance?

    A Hard Brexit for Civil International Judicial Assistance?

    Friend of Letters Blogatory Peter Bert has observed that the draft Brexit treaty does not seem to make any provision for judicial cooperation in civil cases. As Peter noted almost a year ago, a “hard Brexit” in the field of international judicial assistance would mean that the Hague Service, Evidence, and Choice of Court Agreements […]

  • Case of the Day: Appel v. Hayut

    The case of the day is Appel v. Hayut (SDNY 2020). The plaintiff, Ronit Appel, served process on David Kazhdan, a defendant in Israel, by hiring Rimon Deliveries and Services, apparently an Israeli delivery company, which then mailed the documents to Kazhdan through the Israeli post. Just so that this is clear, the documents were […]

  • Case of the Day: Lathigee v. BC Securities Commission

    The case of the day is Lathigee v. British Columbia Securities Commission (Nev. 2020). The British Columbia securities regulator brought an administrative proceeding in British Columbia for securities fraud against Michael Lathigee. The proceeding resulted in a judgment that he had raised millions of dollars from investors without making necessary disclosures. The regulator ordered disgorgement […]

  • Case of the Day: Kim v. Min Sun Cha

    The case of the day is Kim v. Min Sun Cha (Guam 2020). The wife, a South Korean national, and the husband, a former South Korean national now a US citizen, married in 2012 and had a child. The wife left Guam for South Korea in 2016 with the child, and the husband brought a […]

  • Salutary Legislation of the Day: the Corporate Transparency Act of 2019

    Most states of the United States make it cheap and easy to organize limited-liability business entities such as corporations and limited liability companies. This is good for legitimate business, of course. But the states generally don’t require identification of the beneficial owners of new entities to the state, let alone to the public. This lack […]