Month: October 2019

  • Peter Bert on Damages for Violations of Choice of Court Agreements in Germany

    Friend of Letters Blogatory Peter Bert brings us a report of a very recent case from the Bundesgerichtshof on the question of damages for violations of a choice of court agreement. Peter has cross-posted this on his blog, Dispute Resolution in Germany. In a judgment last week, the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) has found a […]

  • Case of the Day: Vischer AG v. Apollo Enterprise Solutions

    The case of the day is Vischer AG v. Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (Cal. Ct. App. 2019). Vischler, a Swiss firm, had obtained a judgment for $160,000 for breach of contract against Apollo in the Commercial Court in Zurich. Vischer sought recognition in California and asserted that the Swiss judgment entitled it to damages in […]

  • Cert. Watch: Merlini v. Canada

    The First Circuit, in a 3-3 vote, has denied Canada’s petition for a rehearing en banc in Merlini v. Canada, the FSIA case I’ve written about before in which I’m representing the plaintiff. I last wrote about the case in June 2019, when I reported on the First Circuit decision in Merlini’s favor. To recap, […]

  • Case of the Day: G2A v. United States

    The case of the day is Sp. z.o.o. v. United States (3d Cir. 2019). I previously wrote about the case in September 2018. The Polish authorities were conducting a tax investigation of G2a, a Polish video game company. The Polish government made a request under the US/Poland tax treaty for help obtaining evidence from […]

  • Belfast Project: Ivor Bell Acquitted

    Belfast Project: Ivor Bell Acquitted

    Ivor Bell, who was accused of soliciting the murder of Jean McConville, was acquitted last week in a Northern Ireland court after the judge directed a verdict in his favor. The charges against Bell had resulted from his taped confession, given to researchers at the Belfast Project, an oral history project about the Troubles that […]