Over the years there are a few cases or topics to which I’ve devoted many posts. On this page, you can link to archives of my coverage of these topics.

  • The Lago Agrio Case. Here is my coverage of the claims of Ecuadorans represented by Steven Donziger against Chevron for environmental torts, and Chevron’s claims of fraud in the Ecuadoran proceedings.
  • The Belfast Project Case. Here is my coverage of the fate of the Belfast Project, an oral history project concerning the Troubles in Ireland, which resulted in a request by the UK authorities for mutual legal assistance to obtain the confidential oral histories from Boston College after their existence became known.
  • Water Splash v. Menon. Here is my coverage of Water Splash v. Menon, a 2017 Supreme Court case that finally settled the dispute over the meaning of Article 10(a) of the Hague Service Convention.
  • Posts on US Politics. Here is an archive of my posts on US politics beginning before the 2016 election with the rise of then-candidate Donald Trump.
  • My FOIA Case. Here is an archive of posts about my FOIA case against the State Department, which revealed that Chevron had lobbied the Department at a high level for changes to the Department’s country report on Ecuador, which it then cited in court in support of its arguments against recognition of the Lago Agrio judgment.
  • Symposium on Forum Non Conveniens and Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments. Here are the 2012 posts that made up an online symposium on what Chris Whytock and Cassandra Burke described as the “judgment gap.”