Month: November 2016

  • Kristallnacht?

    Kristallnacht was seventy-eight years ago yesterday. I won’t give a long explanation of Kristallnacht. Here is a photograph from the pogrom.

  • Apostille Convention: The 2016 Conclusions and Recommendations

    The Hague Conference has published the Conclusions and Recommendations of the 2016 Special Commission on the operation of the Apostille Convention. Here are a few issues that may be of particular interest:

  • Reflections on the Election bis

    The tone of my first reflections on the 2016 general election, written before voting began, was hopelessly smug and made unwarranted assumptions. I assumed that the data we had at the time were true and that it was pretty likely, though hardly certain, that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election and that the Democratic […]

  • Reflections on the Election

    America will shortly limp across the finish line of the 2016 general election. This has been an unprecedented campaign season, and no matter whom you support, no matter whether you are an American or a concerned friend of America abroad, I am sure you will not say that it went well or that it reflected […]

  • Case of the Day: Miller v. Secretary of State

    In my July 4 post on Brexit, I wrote: … to put the EU question directly to the voters flies in the face of what I thought I knew about the UK constitution, particularly the idea of Parliamentary sovereignty. Some of the legal reaction to Brexit seems to bear this out. Assuming for the moment […]