Something very bad happened to the Letters Blogatory server tonight (Aug. 14). You can see the website doesn’t work right. It doesn’t look the way it should, and none of my internal links are working. I am burning the midnight oil trying to set things right. Fortunately I had a backup, so almost no text was lost.

If you left a comment today, it’s irretrievably lost. If you sent me a comment using the contact page today, it’s lost, too. I’m sorry about this. The only silver lining is that the 800 spam comments I received today are also lost, saving me my daily task of deleting them.

I am going to reset all user passwords as a precaution, so if you have a Letters Blogatory username and password (i.e., if you’ve been a guest-poster), please expect an email from me with new login credentials.

Please bear with me as I try to fix this mess. I apologize in advance for any strange happenings on the site that may occur as I work out the kinks.