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Case of the Day: Midbrook Flowerbulbs Holland v. Holland America Bulb Farms

The case of the day is Midbrook Flowerbulbs Holland BV v. Holland America Bulb Farms, Inc. (W.D. Wash. 2014). Midbrook was a Dutch company that sold flower bulbs to Holland America. When a dispute arose, the parties stopped doing business in May 2000, and Midbrook later claimed that Holland Farms had failed to pay it for the 1999 harvest. Midbrook sued in the Netherlands. Holland America appeared and defended, and it asserted a counterclaim alleging that Midbrook had overcharged it. After a hearing, the Dutch court ordered Holland Farms to pay Midbrook more than $1 million, plus fees and costs. Holland Farms appealed, and the Amsterdam Court of Appeal affirmed the judgment for the most part, though it reduced the damages to approximately $960,000. The Dutch Supreme Court affirmed, and Midbrook sought recognition and enforcement of the judgment of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals in Washington State.
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Case of the Day: Republic of Ecuador v. Chevron Corp.

The case of the day is Republic of Ecuador v. Chevron Corp. (Hoge Raad 2014). The Dutch Supreme Court affirmed the BIT arbitral award against Ecuador, which arose out of Chevron’s claim that it had suffered damages on account of undue delay in the settlement of lawsuits TexPet (of which Chevron was a shareholder) had brought against Ecuador in the early 1990s. I haven’t seen a real English translation of the decision, but the main point seems to be that it was for the arbitrators to determine the scope of the term “investment” as used in the treaty, which according to the court was exceptionally broad. While this arbitration doesn’t directly relate to the Lago Agrio litigation, the gist of the decision is no doubt welcome news to Chevron.
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Case of the Day: Sustainable Energy Generation Group v. Photon Energy Projects

The case of the day is Sustainable Energy Generation Group, LLC v. Photon Energy Projects B.V. (Del. Ch. 2014). The case involved a claim for breach of a confidentiality agreement. The plaintiff, a Delaware corporation, sued Photon Energy Projects, B.V., Photon Energy N.V., and Photon Energy Investments N.V., three Dutch firms. Service of process was by mail; the Netherlands has not made an Article 10(a) objection. The defendants moved to dismiss for insufficient service of process.
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