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Lago Agrio: What’s Your Prediction?

The Lago Agrio plaintiffs filed their reply brief a few days ago. The brief, by Burt Neuborne, is very well done, as expected. I am not going to review it in detail. One interesting note: Neuborne cites Paul Barrett to make a point that I’ve made here before: whatever the quality of the Ecuadoran courts when they rendered their decisions in the Lago Agrio case, they were no great shakes before. I don’t suppose Barrett expected to be cited in the plaintiffs’ brief!

I haven’t studied the schedule in the case, and I’m not completely sure why Steven Donziger has not filed a reply brief. But in any event, the briefing is either complete or very nearly complete, and so it’s time to invite you, readers, to make your predictions about the outcome of the case in the comments to this post. You can be as technical or as impressionistic as you like. You’ll have a chance to revise your predictions after oral arguments if you want. I will also make my prediction in a few days.

Indiana Jones, World's Greatest Archaeologist, Destroys Every Ancient Temple He Enters
Fortune and glory, kid.

The reader with the best answer (in my sole and unreviewable discretion!) will win fortune and glory, and a special Letters Blogatory prize.

Good luck!

Lago Agrio: Doug Cassel on the ICC Complaint

Chevron advocate Doug Cassel gives his thoughts on the Lago Agrio plaintiffs’ new complaint to the ICC prosecutor. Doug’s piece is pretty strident. In fact, he seems to take the complaint so seriously that I wonder whether a post like this really gets what the plaintiffs are trying to do. Maybe the ICC complaint should not be read as a serious effort to initiate a prosecution, but rather as a political document or as a PR document.

I invited representatives of the plaintiffs to share their views of the merits of the ICC complaint here but have not heard back yet. Readers may, however, be interested in a piece by Kevin Jon Heller, who is sympathetic to the LAPs’ overall case, at Opinio Juris.
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