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Lago Agrio Comes to Boston

I played hooky yesterday afternoon and attended two events at Harvard that, as far as I know, were scheduled on the same day purely by coincidence. First was a talk by Steven Donziger at the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program. The second was a talk by Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, at the Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.
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Lago Agrio: A Good Week For Chevron

Chevron had a good week this week, on two fronts.

First, the Supreme Court of Canada has granted leave to appeal from the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, which had set aside a lower court’s stay of the Ecuadoran plaintiffs’ action seeking recognition and enforcement of the Ecuadoran judgment in Ontario. Continue reading

Are Chevron’s Hands Really Clean? A Reply To Doug Cassel

Ambassador Nathalie Cely responds to Chevron advocate Doug Cassel’s recent comment on Ecuador’s charges that Chevron was guilty of misconduct in the lead-up to the judicial inspections in Lago Agrio. I’m very pleased that partisans on both sides have been able to give their views an airing here. A note for email subscribers: there are lots of footnotes; please read this in your browser!
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