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My State Deparment FOIA Case Comes To An End

Readers, my FOIA case against the State Department has reached its conclusion. The Department has finished producing what it has to produce and has provided a log showing what it has refused to produce and why. Once could challenge its refusals on various grounds, but I think that by and large I did what I set out to do, and in any case the grounds for some of the refusals involve the law of classification of secret information, an area I know little about. So I am not going to pursue such a challenge, but anyone who is interested is welcome to take up the torch.
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Lago Agrio: Donziger’s Reply Brief

Day two of this week’s Lago Agrio coverage: Steven Donziger has filed his reply brief in the Second Circuit RICO case. I’m not sure why the due date for this brief was later than the due date than the LAP reply brief—I haven’t studied the case calendar. But in any event, it’s another strong brief from Deepak Gupta’s office.
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Lago Agrio: Chevron Seeks Discovery From MCSquared

Update: I’ve made a minor correction in light of Mark Kantor’s helpful comment, printed below.

Remember MCSquared, the Republic of Ecuador’s US PR firm, which hired “ethically diverse” actors to protest at a Chevron meeting, and which initially failed to register as Ecuador’s agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. The MCSquared story was good comic relief, but it has now taken a more serious turn, as Chevron has brought an application for discovery under § 1782 seeking information from MCSquared for use in its BIT arbitration foreign enforcement proceedings and the Gibraltar case. Bonus: since MCSquared is located in New York, Judge Kaplan is presiding.
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