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Prince Andrew: Cassell and Edwards Try Again

In honor of the impending snowpocalypse, another post on the Prince Andrew matter: according to the Daily Mail, the lawyers seeking the Duke of York’s testimony, whose informal written request delivered by mail to Buckingham Palace was rebuffed, is now seeking to “serve papers on him via the British embassy.”

This is absurd theater. It seems to me that Cassell and Edwards, Jane Doe #3’s lawyers, don’t really want the the Duke’s testimony, since they seem to prefer splashy letters sent to ritzy addresses—Buckingham Palace, the British Embassy—than taking the one step (or one of the steps, anyway) that could actually lead to obtaining the testimony, namely a request to the Florida judge to issue a Letter of Request to the UK Central Authority under the Hague Evidence Convention. Get real.

Since so many of you commented favorably on my lion couchant, here is a great tweet by friend of Letters Blogatory Antonin Pribetic:

Royal Arms of England
Royal arms of England. Credit: Sodacan
That lion, by the way, is a lion sejant erect. Given the pedigree of the person from whom the evidence is sought, maybe a lion passant guardant would be more appropriate.

Taking Evidence from Prince Andrew

A reader called to my attention an extraordinary letter in the Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse case. This is the case that has, surreally, drawn in Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. In a recent filing, Paul G. Cassell and Bradley J. Edwards, lawyers who represent a woman who claims to be a victim of sexual assault by Mr. Dershowitz and the Prince, submitted a letter from their own lawyer, Jack Scarola of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley in West Palm Beach, Florida, addressed to His Royal Highness the Duke of York.
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Event Announcement: The external dimension of EU private international law after Opinion 1/13

the-external-dimension-of-eu-pil-ferrara-13-february-2015-jpgReaders, friend of Letters Blogatory and fellow blogger Pietro Franzina is organizing an interesting conference to be held in Ferrara on February 13. The title is The external dimension of EU Private International Law After Opinion 1/13. Continue reading Event Announcement: The external dimension of EU private international law after Opinion 1/13