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Come Hear The Ecstasies Above!

Readers, if you are in the Boston area on November 22, come and hear my choir, the Metropolitan Chorale, under the direction of Lisa Graham, present The Ecstasies Above, featuring music of the 20th and 21st centuries that explores the theme of music and the natural world. The two big pieces are Tarik O’Regan’s The Ecstasies Above and Jonathan Dove’s The Passing of the Year. We’ll also be singing Ralph Vaughan Williams’s Serenade to Music and John David’s You Are the New Day.
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Eugene Volokh’s Amicus Brief In Commonwealth v. Johnson

My partner Dan Lyne and I had the pleasure of acting as local counsel to über-blogger Eugene Volokh, an amicus curiae in Commonwealth v. Johnson an appeal from a Massachusetts cyber-harassment criminal conviction that will be heard by the Supreme Judicial Court early next month. The Johnsons had gotten into a real estate development dispute with their friends and neighbors, the Lyonses, and through a friend, they harassed the Lyonses via the internet. In particular, their friend, acting on their behalf, posted an ad on Craigslist advertising free golf carts available “first come first serve” in the Lyonses’ yard, with the predicable results.
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Congratulations, Montreal!

I had a bet with fellow law blogger Karim Renno of Irving Mitchell Kalichman, better known to the internet as the author of the excellent À Bon Droit. The bet was: if the Boston Bruins won their best-of-seven playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens, then Karim would write a guest post for Letters Blogatory and would send along a photo of himself eating a bowl of chowder. If, on the other hand, the Canadiens bested the Bruins, then I would write a guest post for him and send a picture of myself eating a nice helping of poutine.
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